The 8 Most Popular Types of Curtains in Adelaide

If you’re looking to upgrade your property with some new curtains in Adelaide, you might be wondering what the best type to buy is. The truth is, it depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

There are many colours, fabrics and patterns to choose from. You may also decide that you want to combine styles – this can be a good option.

Whatever you choose, however, make sure the style suits the needs of each room. Here are 8 of the most common styles:



Sheer curtains in Adelaide are a great way to add a soft, light touch to a room. The sheer fabric filters in light, keeping the room bright yet giving it a bit of privacy. Sheers are often used along with a primary shade, which provides greater privacy and darkness as needed.


Tab top

Tab tops have fabric loops on the top and are quite stable. They can be difficult to draw across the rod due to their design, making them ideal for windows which aren’t often opened – i.e. rooms that prefer a lot of darkness.


Grommet (Eyelet)

This style of curtains in Adelaide is popular in homes due to its casual simplicity and ease of operation. They usually have silver rings which fit around the bar of the window, and are perfect for light-to-medium weight fabrics such as linen or cotton.


Rod pocket

These are very similar to the grommet style, except instead of having silver rings they have a sewn top pocket which the rod goes through. These curtains in Adelaide are also ideal for lightweight fabrics such as polyester, linen and cotton.



Pleated drapes come in several different styles, but what they all have in common is their air of formality and tradition. They are an excellent option for those looking for something a bit retro. Pleated types include pinch, box, tuxedo, goblet, pencil and cartridge. The pleats are made by sewing header tape to the back of the fabric panel. When pulled together, this forms pleats. Hanging hooks are then added and the panels are hung on rings. Pinch pleated is the most popular style of curtains in Adelaide due to its classic, charming look.


Window scarf

A window scarf is a long piece of fabric that hangs on the side of or the front of a window. Also known as a “scarf swag”, this is a casual affair that can be draped over a rod. It is soft and pretty, yet does not block much sunlight. You might want to consider using it in conjunction with roller shades, which will provide some privacy, or use it in the kitchen.


Café style

A café style of curtains in Adelaide consists of two pieces, a lower piece and an upper piece, with a gap in the middle. They are great for kitchens and bathrooms as they allow for light control and privacy without blocking all light from a room.


Pelmets & valances

Pelmets are a decorative framework or board which work to hide drape fixtures atop the window. Valances are a kind of drapery, soft and gathered or pleated, that go at the top of the window. Both offer a charming finishing touch to a window and create an air of luxury and class. They are most often used in Victorian-style restaurants, bedrooms and living rooms.

You have many options when it comes to choosing your dream curtains in Adelaide. Make sure to take into consideration your lifestyle needs and personal preferences before making a decision, and ensure to buy from a reputable provider.