woman wearing a designer swimsuit

Consumer Tips for Buying Designer Bathing Suits This Summer Season

Designer bathing suits and the summer season go hand-in-hand.

From underwire to a one-piece, to tankinis and bikinis and enhancer bras, shoppers are never short of options based on style.

To take advantage of real value in this market, take note of our 6 consumer tips.


1) Don’t Wait for Summer to Start

In order to score a great deal with designer bathing suits, it is beneficial to have a head start over the other shoppers. Sellers in this market will outline peak periods to sell their stock at a premium price and down periods when sales are widespread. Many consumers are busy filling their wardrobe with garments, jackets, beanies, gloves and other items to stay warm. Shopping out of season is the best way to identify a great deal, doing business with an outlet who needs to be doing business.


2) In-Person Fits Are Essential

Shoppers who source designer bathing suits without trying the item on are taking a big risk. This can often be the case for those who are seduced by a glamorous outfit showcased on social media and believe that it will equate perfectly to the wardrobe collection for the summer season. Even models who fit in and out of these fabrics for a living will advocate strongly for an attire that looks the part but still feels comfortable.


3) Versatile Fabrics Offer Durability

From bra support to withstand the wear and tear of a beach lifestyle, designer bathing suits have to showcase a level of durability and versatility for consumers. Especially with body shapes that rarely stay static, it is essential to opt into a swimsuit that provides genuine comfort irrespective of the conditions. The quality of fabric, therefore, has to come under the microscope, ensuring that it won’t just act as a placeholder for this upcoming season, but work well into summer periods for 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. The top outlets will craft these products courtesy of spandex, nylon, polyester and cotton materials. The key features to identify with these brands can be found with elasticity and capacity to dry.


4) A Suit For One or All Occasions

woman wearing a swimsuit and sunglasses

A majority of shoppers will seek out designer bathing suits for a very singular purpose ahead of the summer season – to show off at the beach, the pool, the park, to wear around the home or for a special event. Women who love to get a good dose of vitamin D during a sunbath or tanning session will opt for a string bikini while others playing volleyball or grabbing the board for a surf will want a bathing suit that offers sleek durability for optimum physical movement.


5) Price & Customer Rewards

If customers are satisfied with the brand, they usually won’t settle for designer bathing suits on a single purchase. Should they pass the test and provide value for money, they will be acquired in sets of two, three, five and beyond. Rather than settling for the first provider that a consumer comes across, rate and review brands based on price and how much they slash off the retail figure for additional purchases. This is where customers can secure quality and quantity all via the same package.


6) Marketing vs. The Real Product

If there is a stark contrast between the item broadcast on Instagram and the actual item delivered to the home, that should be a red flag for shoppers. Designer bathing suits are perfect materials for the online world, but the tangible result is what customers are really after. Rather than allowing these images to dictate shopping behaviours, it is a valuable exercise to take notes of the comments and ratings left by other consumers. This activity will allow individuals to separate fact from fiction during their swimsuit expedition.